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Piletskiy Sergey Grigor'evich, Candidate of philosophy, associate professor, sub-department of history and philosophy, Yaroslavl State Medical Academy (Yaroslavl, 5 Revolutsionnaya str.),

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The subject area of this research is the very «core» of the philosophical anthropology problems, concerning the issue of interaction of biological and social factors in the human behavior. The author undertakes the task to analyze the theme of the animal aggression in common and human aggression in particular in the leading sociobiologist’s works and, in the first turn, the founder of sociobiology – E. O. Wilson. The result of this work must be the new vision of human nature, the new set of accents in the determinants of genesis of the human psychics and human behavior in the light of the sociobiology theory, and also the new impulse in stimulation of the synthesis of the natural and humanitarian sciences in the study of the human race and the human society. The conclusions, obtained in the frame of this research, might be useful in the elaboration of the social programs and might contribute the harmonization of the interreligious, international, interethnic and interpersonal relationships.

Key words

darwinism, sociobiology, human aggression, stimulus situations, «density-depend factor», social homeostasis, measures of the civilized curbing of aggression.

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1. Barash D. P. The Whisperings Within: Evolution and the origin of human nature. New York, 1979.
2. Wilson E. O. Sociobiology: The New Synthesis. Cambridge, 1975.
3. Wilson E. O. On human nature. Harvard Univ. Press, Cambridge and London, 1978.


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